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MK Furnishings

Address: 35 D Derryall Road Co.Armagh Northern Ireland BT62 1PL

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MK Furnishings

Address: 35 D Derryall Road Co.Armagh Northern Ireland BT62 1PL

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About MK Furnishings

Customized Bunk Beds is just what they sound like. These custom made bunk beds come in a variety of materials and styles. You will find custom built bunk beds made from wood and metal. They can be found in many standard size beds as well as special order sizes.

Custom made beds are great for small children to use. As your child grows you can add on to the bed so it has additional space or you can even take the bed apart to make another bed for your child. Your child will love having their own play room and bed. Some children even have their own personalized mattress. The possibilities are endless. No matter how many beds your children have you can upgrade or custom build beds to fit their changing needs.

Another advantage to custom made triple bunk bed is that when you are buying custom made furniture for your child they are made to your specific child's exact dimensions. This means there will be no gaps or cut outs in the bed which could hurt your child. If you are buying a used bed, make sure it comes with a guarantee. Bunk beds need proper support and strength to last a long time.

When your child outgrows a play bed they often have their toys, clothes and books taken off of them. Because of this, custom bunk beds offer a lot more storage than a regular play bed. You can add headboards, footboards and a bookcase if needed. Most beds also have a ladder leading to the top bunk, which keeps the child safe and out of the risk of falling off the bed.

Since custom made bunk beds come in such a wide variety of styles and materials many parents choose to buy matching beds. They may have a twin and a full size bed, or they may also have a play bed and a bed for their other children. This makes them a great investment and you know that the children in your family will all get the same amount of space. If one child outgrows their bed, you can simply buy another custom made bunk bed and give them that extra space. This will ensure that there is always enough room for play.

As mentioned before custom bunk bed with steps can be purchased in several different materials. Metal, wood and plastic are some of the more popular choices. You can find custom bunk beds made from metal and wood in both solid colors and painted versions. Plastic is the most affordable and is typically used for playrooms or for storing things that are too large to fit in other types of bunk beds.

Another advantage to custom made beds is that you can have children of varying heights. This allows for smaller children to have their own bed. Some children have very large feet and it can be difficult for them to get into a regular bed that is three feet tall or shorter. Bunk beds are usually five feet wide and you will never have to worry about this. Since most children sleep on their bottom it is easier for them to sleep on their side and if their bed is too high they will not have a problem climbing out.

Finally, custom kids bunk beds are a great investment. They can last for many years if they are properly taken care of. They do not take up much room and so can easily be moved around in a guest bedroom if your child moves away and you decide to move. Custom bunk beds is an item that can be passed down through the generations. As long as you select quality products made with the highest quality materials you will have many happy children.

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  • 35 D Derryall Road Co.Armagh Northern Ireland BT62 1PL
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