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(Last Updated On: April 5, 2020)


Company Name: Visartech
Mixing tech, art and fun
CEO: Slava Podmurnyi
Phone No: +1 302 268 6175
Email ID:
Year Founded: 2010
Hourly Rate: $26-$99
Minimum Project Size: Undisclosed
Company Size: 25-50
About the Agency:

Visartech Inc. is a service company providing forward-thinking brands with a full-cycle application development using top-notch technologies – from vision to the product launch.

Key Visartech facts:

9+ years of proven experience

130+ games & business apps delivered

1.5K+ 3D models developed

10+ development platforms used

86% returning clients

By mixing tech and art we deliver custom-tailored products for various industries – starting from educational 3D models for US universities to an interactive application for retailers – all for the purpose of partners’ market dominance.

The whole development cycle is handled by an in-house team. Among our clients, there are all-sized businesses ranging from small startups to huge manufacturing giants. A simple goal unites all of them: to make the world a better place via interactive experiences.

You are free to entrust us all your tech challenges as we apply the ownership mindset and are fully responsible to make your digital dreams come true.

Location: 8 The Green SUITE #7877, Dover, Delaware 19901 United States
8 The Green SUITE #7877
Dover, Delaware 19901
United States
Services: Interactive Apps
3D application development (web, mobile, standalone)
Web, mobile & software solutions development
VR/MR/AR applications development
Video Games development
Digital Art
AI-powered Solutions