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(Last Updated On: April 5, 2020)

Flux Tech

Company Name: Flux Tech
Passion for Innovation
CEO: Jonathan Emig
Email ID: hello@fluxtech.co
Year Founded: 2016
Hourly Rate: $26-$99
Minimum Project Size: $10000
Company Size: 1-9
About the Agency:

We’re a software company that helps startups, enterprises, and non-profits build web products. We focus solely on web technologies. We build APIs, web applications, and progressive web apps.

As a small software company, one of our strengths comes from our ability to work very closely with our clients. We understand the value of communication and work hard to accentuate that strength.

Clients: Shadower Scientific Applications and Research Associates Animal Diversity Web
Location: 750 E Third St
Los Angeles, California 91766
United States
Services: Web Development
Progressive Web Apps
API Development