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(Last Updated On: April 5, 2020)


Company Name: Binariks
Web and Mobile Development Company
CEO: Oleh Petrivskyy
Phone No: +19292141690
Email ID:
Year Founded: 2014
Hourly Rate: $26-$99
Minimum Project Size: $10000
Company Size: 50-99
About the Agency:

Binariks is a software development company from Lviv, Ukraine helping businesses to achieve success by creating applications, products, and teams. We partner with various organizations ranging from startups to big enterprises helping them to achieve business success.

With mature C-level management at Binariks, we have extensive experience in building complex solutions and high performing development teams for clients from the EU and the US. Also, we have got vast experience and great interest in Mobile (Native and Hybrid) development.

Clients: eMotorWercks (Enel Group Company), OneTouch, Planet of Finance, Zurvus, Patronpath, LLC, Opus Digitas
Location: Jack Northrop Ave
Hawthorne, California 90250
United States

77/38 Heroiv UPA Street
Lviv, L’vivs’ka Oblast’ 79018
Services: Extending Dedicated Teams
Web (NodeJS, Angular, React, PHP, Java, .NET, Ruby)
Mobile (Android, iOS)
UI/UX Design