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(Last Updated On: April 5, 2020)


Company Name: AXETA
Combining ideas and technologies
CEO: Sergey
Phone No: +79645586472
Email ID:
Year Founded: 2012
Hourly Rate: $11-$25
Minimum Project Size: $5000
Company Size: 10-24
About the Agency:

AXETA Software, No.1 IT developer in the biggest Russian partnership program among other 200+ participants/IT companies.

Established in 2012 AXETA has implemented dozens of mobile and web projects in the fields of cargo, food/drinks, sports, real estate, retail, gaming, marketing, avia, auto, medicine, etc.

Almost all engineers are available for outstaffing: PHP (Symfony, Yii2), Android/Kotlin, iOS, ReactJS/ReactNative, etc. Please contact to get the latest rates.

Clients: Globus, MobileUp, Yandex, CIAN, etc. Year Founded
Location: Ussuriyskaya, 1, office 6
Vladivostok, Primorskiy region 690077

Presnenskaya, 10
Moscow, Moscow 127420
Services: Web development: frontend (JS, React, Angular, Vue etc.) & backend (Symfony, Laravel, Yii, etc., NodeJS, Express, Python/Django, Java: Spring, Hyber)
Mobile apps development: Android/Kotlin, React native, PhoneGap.
Engineers outstaffing: PHP, Android, React Native, Designers, full-stack engineers