What Will You Learn at a Coding Bootcamp?

Are you someone who likes to continually learn new things? Are you intrigued by computer languages? Would you like to code for a living? If you answered yes to these three questions, you need to seek training now. By choosing the right educational program, you can directly apply your coding skills to a new career in website or software development.

The best place to seek this type of guidance is by signing up for a coding bootcamp. To embark on this endeavor, you probably want to know what the instruction will cover. If you want a job in IT, beginning your career should start with boot camp training, as it will give you the foundation to excel in an already skyrocketing field.

JavaScript – The Core of Coding

According to surveys, JavaScript is a commonly used language, preferred by approximately 70% of developers. Learning Java allows you to create highly operational platforms – platforms that get you noticed as a developer. The language provides an accessible syntax for both front and backend use. It represents the core coding language of website development.

HTML and CSS Languages

Two of the core technologies used for building web pages, HTML and CSS are primary web-building languages. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language while CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.  You use HTML to structure a web page and CSS for creating the visual and sound layout. Besides scripting and graphics, HTML and CSS are the foundational languages used for creating web applications and pages.

So what can you do, specifically, by knowing HTML?

How HTML Helps You Create Web Sites and Pages

HTML allows you to do the following:

  • Create online documents with text, headings, lists, photos, tables, and similar printing and graphics
  • Access information online by hypertext links with just a click of a button
  • Design forms for performing remote transactions or searching for information, ordering items, or making reservations
  • Add spreadsheets, sound clips, or video clips directly inside documents

When you code with HTML, you describe a page’s structure by using markup. This involves labeling content elements as a paragraph, table, list, etc. XHTML is an extension of HTML, using the syntax of XML or the extensible markup language. Therefore, the elements are the same as HTML but the syntax varies slightly.

How CSS Is Used Specifically for Development

CSS basically describes the presentation of a web page – giving emphasis to the components, such as layout, colors, and fonts. Using CSS allows you to adapt a website presentation to various devices, including small screens, large screens, or printers.

What Happens Next?

Are you ready to take a leap in your career? If so, find out more about attending a Bootcamp for coding. Doing so will help you prepare for more in-depth web development training. If you want to begin your training now, start with an introduction to coding, especially JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

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