Top 10+ App Design Companies March 2020

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2020)

Searching for the best App Design Companies in the World? Find a hand-picked list of top 10+ App Design Companies in the world. Your Mobile App’s success lies in app design. A template that is aesthetically pleasing and offers simple and intuitive user experience leads to more active app users. So, finding your mobile app project with the best iOS designers and Android designers is vital. IThubss has compiled a list of leading app design firms to help you in your quest for top app designers. Partner with the best mobile app design company in the list below to invest in quality design and follow the road to effective apps:

1. Phelix Info Solution

phelix-info-solutionPhelix Info Solution is one of the highest growing WordPress development agency they have highly expired in mobile app development and mobile app design. They deliver a premium product at Phelix Info Solution that can help customers increase these sales and expand the business quickly. They are experienced in the creation of mobile applications, web design, custom production, and web promotion. Since 2010, more than 3500 + projects have been active.

CEO: Phelix Ram Company Email:
Hourly Rate: 25$ Website:
Employes: 10-50  Phone No: +91-9887198778
Founded: 2010 Address: India, USA, Kuwait
Minimum Project Size: $2000 View Profile

2. AppClues Infotech


AppClues Infotech was established on the idea of creating a mobile application development company in New York that provides top-class mobile applications that capture the imagination of the user through their simple, elegant design and robust features.

A global firm established across 3 countries we have worked for clients all across the globe providing custom mobile app development services. AppClues Infotech have developed mobile applications in diverse fields of businesses like healthcare, on-demand services, GPS based apps, etc. At AppClues they believe in conquering the mobile application development world and thus strive hard to create amazing mobile applications. AppClues Infotech mold the idea of the client into a feature-rich, a simple and elegant mobile application that can reach its full potential.

CEO: Ayush Kanodia Company Email:
Hourly Rate: 11-25$ Website:
Employes: 100-299 Phone No: 9783099910
Founded: 2014 Address: United States
Minimum Project Size: $5000 View Profile